If you have ever used a conventional carpenter or torpedo level while doing one of your home improvement projects, you know that they are quite good for doing certain jobs but they have many limitations. One example of such a limitation is if you are trying to mark off a long horizontal line along a wall. You will quickly discover that every time you move the level as you mark the line, you have a chance to make a mistake. The same possibility exists if you are trying to mark off a long vertical line up a wall. Every time you slide the level up or down, a mistake can happen. The main hindrance to using a conventional level is that you need to hold it with one hand which really restricts the amount of work you can do.

Types of Laser Levels
Fortunately, we can now buy affordable laser levels that can project perfect vertical or horizontal lines that are up to 30 ft. long. This allows us to work with both of our hands free to hold and adjust our tools and work pieces. Laser levels come in a variety of models. There are the basic line lasers that can project horizontal or vertical lines. There are also cross-line lasers which can project both horizontal and vertical lines simultaneously. There are also dot laser levels which can be used to replace conventional plumb bob systems by projecting perfectly vertical laser dots on the floor and ceiling at the same time. Finally, we have rotary laser levels which can project a laser line level 360 degrees around a room or job site.

Best Laser Level Beam Color
Most laser levels project a red laser beam and this is satisfactory for most applications. However for those who need a beam that is easier to see, there are new green beam laser levels. The green beam is about 4 times easier to see than the red beam.

Best Laser Level Applications
Laser levels have many uses around the home and are great for hanging pictures on a wall or lining up a new shelf. If you are into tile work, laser levels are indispensable tools for lining up your floor or wall tiles so they look perfectly straight. Laser levels also simplify the task of installing wall cabinets and chair rails by projecting a virtual line on your work surface and allowing you to work with both hands free to get your job done efficiently. If you are involved in installing electrical outlet boxes, you can use a laser level to identify the correct height for installing a row of outlets so that they all come out at the perfect height. Laser levels are also great for lining up height measurements when putting up a backyard deck.

Laser Level Setup
The first thing to do when using a laser level for projecting a horizontal line is to set it to the right height. You can do this by setting the laser level on a table, a stack of books or a standard camera tripod. Then you need to calibrate it using the leveling screws on the base. Some laser levels come equipped with a self-leveling feature which takes care of this automatically for you. You are now ready to turn on the laser level and have it project the line. Most laser levels operate on rechargeable batteries so you are not limited to using them only where there is an electrical outlet.

Best Laser Level Accessories
It’s a good idea to wear dark ready safety glasses when operating a laser level. These will help you to see the line more clearly. They will NOT protect your eyes if you look directly into the laser beam. Another useful accessory is a laser detector. This device is especially useful if you are using a laser level outdoors because it will beep when it senses the laser beam. This is really convenient because laser beams are sometimes difficult to see when you are working in the bright outdoors. Laser levels are not very useful unless they are mounted securely. One way to mount a laser level is to attach it to a tripod. Tripods have height adjustments which allow you to set the laser level to the precise required job height.

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